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3 news a night: Liaoning chases 1 championship center, Daehan renews contract, Gong Xiaobin provokes controversy again

The CBA ball game has ended smoothly and is now in the offseason. Player transfers, signings, reinforcements, and transactions are probably the hottest topics. In this regard, the biggest gain is certainly Beijing Shougang, who has not only signed Zhu Fangyu’s favorite general Li Muhao, but also Zou Yuchen joined the Beijing team along the river according to well-known player reports. The current Beijing team can be described as a master with strong strength.

 Even if the Liaoning team lost the game, they were outstanding in signing and strengthening. Not only did they sign with Zhang Zhenlin, who had previously played in the United States, but also turned their attention to the Bayi striker Liu Hangchu. According to relevant media reports, the Liaoning team and Liu Hangchu had further communication recently. But Liaoning’s inside line is still tense. After Li Xiaoxu is reimbursed this season, the only one who can be reused well is Han Dejun. The rest of the bench is not easy to reuse. So relative to the current situation, the Liaoning team still needs an insider who can take on this important task, so who is its goal? The top insiders don’t have so much money, and they can only start with those who are not top insiders.

 According to people familiar with the matter, Guangdong championship center Wang Zheng may be the target that the Liaoning team wants to pursue recently. After he left the Guangdong team, he once held positions in Guangsha and Beijing Enterprises, and is now a free agent. When he was in Guangsha, he averaged 12 points and 7 rebounds per game, and the best at Beijing Enterprises was 9 points and 8 rebounds. But because Marbury abandoned him this season, he didn’t play a game. Although he is now an unpopular figure, his strength still exists. If the Liaoning team can sign him, it will be of great help to the Liaoning team’s inside line, and his offer is certainly not high, the Liaoning team can still have the strength to win him. Look at Li Hongqing’s choice.

 Apart from the good news of Wang Zheng, there is another one. That is, Han Dejun will continue to cooperate with Liaoning Men’s Basketball next season. In fact, even if he does not renew his contract, he will still choose to stay with the Liaoning team. He has strong feelings for Liaoning. The Beijing team had a better and superior contract than the Liaoning team, and he avoided seeing it. Still continue to reach cooperation with Liaoning, and now it is time to renew the contract, it is nothing more than a process. He has a strong sense of responsibility and can smoothly resolve conflicts between teammates. It is with this spirit of reluctance that he led the Liaoning team to the finals. I believe that with his renewal of the contract next season, Liaoning can still hit the championship position.

All teams are seizing the time to work hard to sign in, but the head coach of Shandong team Gong Xiaobin is facing controversy. The Shandong team has assembled and started their training, but their signings are not as vigorous as other teams. Most of them were to demolish the east wall to make up for the west wall, and they have not even signed Ding Yanyuhang. But what is surprising is that there is a player who is not good at joining the Shandong Men’s Basketball Team, that is Diao Chenghao, who was let go by the Guangdong team. After winning the championship, he went to Fujian, but he had almost no ball to play. He used to be Gong Xiaobin’s favorite general, and after the latter went to Qingdao, he also took him. Now Gong Xiaobin has come to Shandong, Diao Chenghao has also come to Shandong, not only makes people suspect that this is the back door. What’s more, none of the three players he attracted to play last season, this time after adding his favorite, more people may complain.